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TTA users: Tsalteshi Trails continues to experience increased use, and while it’s great to see more people out enjoying outdoor fitness and recreation, more people on the trails can mean more potential for conflicts. Gone are the days of expecting to head out and not see another car in the lot or person in the woods. For the trails to be enjoyable to all, all users need to demonstrate courtesy, responsibility and a sense of safety for ourselves and others.

For those recreating with their four-legged friends, please be mindful of your dog’s behavior while using Tsalteshi Trails. Tsalteshi has a “leash or voice control” policy when it comes to dogs on the trail system in the spring, summer and fall (dogs are not allowed on the trails during winter). For this system to work, people need to make a reasonable assessment of their dog’s behavior around other dogs, wildlife and people. Fido might respond to a voice command in their home or yard, but that does not mean they will do the same when surrounded by all of the stimulation associated with outdoors surroundings, new people, and the adrenaline surge associated with a nice run.

This issue has come to the forefront because one of our longtime trail users has been the victim of two dog attacks within the last 3 weeks. The first incident required a trip to the ER, the second was less severe, although still scary. In both cases the dog owners were responsible people who were surprised by their dog’s behavior. If your dog has any history of aggression or unpredictable behavior, please leash them or keep them at home.

Let’s use these incidents to improve everyone’s trail experience. Thanks, and have a great time out there.