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Summer Rules:

All trails are open to multi use — biking, walking and running — outside of groomed snow season

Dogs must be kept under control at all times — either leashed or immediately responsive to commands. Clear any doggie remnants off the trails.

No horses allowed.

Be aware of wildlife. Moose, bears, coyotes and other critters could be on the trails. Be aware of your surroundings and make noise to let wildlife know of your presence. Be particularly careful of moose during calving season in the spring and at the end of deep-snow winters. Hunting/trapping/harvesting animals is never allowed on or near the trails.

No motorized vehicles allowed. Occasionally, authorized maintenance crews work on the trails, but no other motorized vehicles or machine use is allowed.

No unauthorized tree clearing allowed. TTA issues permits for harvesting trees for lumber or firewood. Contact for more information.

Don’t damage trees. Do not cut burls, chaga or shelf fungi from trees.

Berry picking and mushrooming is allowed for personal use (not commercial). Consume at your own risk.

Disc Golf Course is available on the Squirrel and Rabbit loops.


Helmets and bear bells encouraged.

Riders travel in both directions unless otherwise posted.

Downhill riders should control their bicycle and make noise to alert uphill riders.

Uphill riders should be attentive and ride without headphones.


  • Class I: Pedal-assist only, where the pedal assist cuts off at 20 mph and the user must pedal manually to go faster
  • Class II: Throttle on demand — which operate by a throttle, by pedal-assist or by both — where the throttle cuts off at 20 mph, and the user must pedal to go faster
  • Class III: Pedal-assist only, where the pedal-assist cuts off at 28 mph, and the user must pedal to go faster

Tsalteshi Trails Association welcomes the use of Class 1 ebikes only, under the same rules and seasonal limitations as non-ebikes. Just like with non-ebikes, Class 1 ebikes are expected to yield to uphill riders and hikers, and to act courteously to all trail users at all times. Class 1 ebikes are not allowed in bike races or other timed events.


Winter Rules, main Tsalteshi Trails (Skyview and Wolverine Trailheads)

Winter Rules, Skyview & Slikok

No motorized vehicles.

No dogs.

No foot traffic.


Skate skiers, stay to the middle of the trails. Do not skate over classic tracks.

Classic skiers, step out of tracks if needing to herring bone uphill or snowplow downhill.

Ski trails are one-way. Heed “Wrong Way” signs.

Avoid skiing during warm conditions to preserve snow.


Snowshoeing is allowed on the Wolverine, Porcupine and Vole Trails accessed from the Wolverine Trailhead (not on the Goat or Bear hills or any ski trails above). Stay to the side of the trail and do not snowshoes on classic tracks. No dogs allowed. Snowshoeing is also allowed on the single-track bike trails. Be alert for approaching bikes.


No sledding/snowboarding on groomed trails. Sledding is allowed on the hill behind the wax shack (hockey rink). Don’t walk/sled on groomed trails or hills.


Winter Rules, Slikok Trails

Dogs, foot traffic, biking and skiing welcome!


Winter Rules, Single-Track Trails

Winter Rules STX

Open to fat bikes and snowshoers only. Closed to foot traffic.

Yield to skiers when crossing ski trails.

Do not ride if you are leaving a rut deeper than one inch.

Minimum 3.8″ tire. Max 10 PSI.