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This snow accumulation means summer trail rules have taken a vacation. We’ll be posting reminders of our winter rules to encourage safe, fun trails use by all.

addison_downing_skateFirst off, vehicles are not allowed on the trails in the winter — not even bikes, as we are not equipped to groom for tire ruts. Motorized vehicles — trucks, snowmachines, four-wheelers, etc. — are strictly prohibited in every season, unless operated by our groomers or otherwise allowed for trails work. Not only can they cause significant damage to groomed trails, they pose a serious danger to trails users. If you see someone driving on the trails, please report it to with as much information as possible — description of the vehicle and driver, when, on which loops, where they entered and exited the trails, etc. If you have an opportunity to speak to a driver, inform them of the motorized vehicle restriction, but do not become confrontational. We welcome use of the trails, just not the gas-powered kind.

Have fun out there! (Addison Downing is!)