Orange hawkweed treatment July 17

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The Kenai Watershed Forum, as part of the Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area, will treat infestations of orange hawkweed on Tsalteshi Trails on July 19. Populations of this invasive weed have been found along the Goat, Lynx, Raven, Wolf and Sprint Hill loops.
Areas being treated will be signed and closed to traffic for 24 hours.
Weeds will be treated with the herbicide Milestone (active ingredient, aminopyralid). Milestone received a “Practically Nontoxic” rating from the EPA, which is the EPA’s least toxic category. The rates at which the herbicide will be applied are very low. It affects herbaceous plants, not grass.
Still, we don’t want the treated area to be disturbed for 24 hours to prevent the herbicide from being transferred to other areas of the trails. Please adhere to all trail closed and trail work signs on Tsalteshi. Keep dogs on a leash or under voice control in treatment areas to prevent them from running through the sprayed areas.
If you see other populations of orange hawkweed on the trails or elsewhere in the community, report your sighting. Don’t pull it up! Orange hawkweed regrows quickly after being disturbed. Check out the KP Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area website to find out how to report invasives.

Help prevent more invasives from getting a foothold at Tsalteshi! Check out (and use!) the new boot brush stations at the trailheads. Lots of informative reading on the signage while you brush any hitchhiking plant matter off your footwear.