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Tree cutting is not allowed on Tsalteshi Trails without a permit from the Tsalteshi Trails Association. We’ve got a lot of beetle-kill spruce to remove but we also have a lot of trail users and need to prioritize safety. If you’re interested in harvesting firewood, please be aware:

  • There is no fee for firewood permits but harvesters must be current members of TTA.
  • Woodcutters must contact TTA and obtain a permit before tree cutting/wood removal. A limited number of permits are available at a time. Let us know when and where you’d like to operate. Woodcutting is not allowed when races/programs/activities are underway in the area.
  • Woodcutters must be over 18, have their own equipment and sign a liability waiver with TTA.
  • Woodcutters must display trail work signage (provided by TTA) and flag the area they’re working to alert trail users.
  • Woodcutters may drive a vehicle on the trails to remove wood but need gate access from TTA and must display their permit in their vehicle window.
  • All limbs and other debris must be cleaned up from the trails.
  • Target dead spruce that pose a falling hazard to the trails. 
  • The Slikok Trails are not currently open to woodcutting, as a borough contractor will be working out there all summer.

Contact TTA for a permit or more information at