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**6/2 update: Two moose reports yesterday — one on Wolverine, one up by the water tower. Mama might be on the move or we could have another one in the area. Either way, give moose lots of space!

**May 30 update: Mama moose has moved down from Bear to Wolverine (K-Beach Trailhead) now. She charged two groups of people near the Sandy Bypass around 1 p.m. today. Please use the Skyview trailhead for the rest of the day and give her a chance to chill out. When in the area in the future, please be extremely cautious! If you see a moose, IMMEDIATELY turn around and leave the area. She’s charging without any ears back, hump up warning. Don’t wait to see what she’ll do. DOGS ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ON A LEASH!


Original post: There’s a cow with two brand-new calves hanging out at the top of the Bear loop and she is cranky! She will charge upon sight of people or dogs. She was last spotted May 25 at the top of the Bear downhill, just around the first corner from the Wolf intersection.

Keep an eye and ear out for the new family if you’re in that area. If you see them, give mom lots of space! And dogs absolutely must be on a leash in that area. She is very stressed and defensive. We don’t want any people, dogs or moose to be injured. She will hopefully chill out as the babies get a little bigger, but not if she continues to be spooked by people, dogs or bikes. Let’s let her get over the new-baby jitters in peace.

And please let us know where and when you see her so we can keep trail users updated. Send us a message on Facebook or email us at