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We need your help!
We’re seeing a steep increase in unauthorized trail modifications lately — people putting in shortcuts, jumps and extra features — primarily off our singletrack trails. We get that our trails might seem a little bland for riders looking for a spicier experience. But this is not the way to get more challenging features at Tsalteshi. All trail construction has to go through a design process that includes safety, layout with other trails, sustainability (erosion control and ongoing maintenance) and approval by our board, insurance underwriters and our landlord, the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
Renegade trail mods have been a problem throughout the history of the trails but it’s getting really out of hand lately — people doing dirt work, using saws, building structures, etc. We remove them when we find them but it’s getting to where our crews can’t keep up. Some of these mods pose significant safety hazards — intersecting trails at blind corners and some sketch features.
If you see someone modifying the trails, please let them know it’s not allowed. Have them get in touch with us. We’re assuming whoever is doing this wants more challenging riding at Tsalteshi. We’re open to that discussion — we’ve even got some jump-line trails in the works — but we need people to talk to us about what they’d like to see, rather than trying to sneak it in piecemeal and damage existing trails in the process. Our admin can put you in touch with our board to work together, not against each other, for future trails at Tsalteshi. Contact Jenny at or 907-394-6397.