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Rider’s Code of Conduct

Respect Others
No people put downs. Everyone has different abilities and reasons for riding. All should be respected.
No bike put downs. All bikes are cool and should be respected. Get outside, ride and have fun!
Celebrate success – the achievements of other riders and yours.
Be courteous and respectful of other trail users. Smile and give a friendly hello.

Respect the Environment
Leave no trace. Pack out your trash.
Ride on open trails only. When the trail is muddy, consider riding other trails. Don’t cut switchbacks.
Never scare animals. Do not feed, provoke or approach wildlife.

Know Your Own Abilities
Ride within your skill level.
If you are more skilled, share your knowledge in a friendly way. Help teach less experienced riders.

Plan Ahead
Always wear a helmet, have a bell on your bike and dress for the weather.
Always ride with a buddy. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.
Inspect and maintain your bike before each ride.
Be prepared. Carry water, a snack, first aid supplies, a bike repair kit and bike tube.

Practice Safe Cycling
Always wear a properly fitting helmet.  Control your bike at all times.
When stopping, do so in a safe place for you and others. Be off the trail and visible from above.
When passing from behind, say “Passing on the left.” and “Thank you”.
Uphill travelers have the right-away. Cyclists traveling downhill must yield the trail.
Walkers and runners always have the trail right-away. Slow down, smile, say hello and yield the trail.

Please print & sign your name to indicate that you have read and understand the Code of Conduct.

____________________________/__________________________ Date_____________________
Youth Rider- Print/Signature

____________________________/__________________________ Date_____________________
Parent/Guardian- Print/Signature